Branislav Šprocha and Klara Kohoutová receive prestigious Slovak Academy of Sciences Awards

The Slovak Academy of Sciences Awards are the oldest awards for scientific work in Slovakia and are among the most prestigious. We congratulate our colleague Branislav Šprocha – researcher at the Institute for Forecasting CSPS SAS on receiving the SAS Award for the results of his scientific research, which he accepted from the President of the Slovak Academy of Sciences prof. Pavel Šajgalík on 4 September 2023 in Smolenice. Branislav Šprocha was awarded this prize for his series of works focused on the transformation process of family and reproductive behaviour of the Slovak population after 1989 in a temporal and spatial perspective.

Congratulations also to Klara Kohoutova from the Institute of Social Sciences, which is also part of the Centre for Social and Psychological Sciences. Klara Kohoutová received the Award for popularization of science and social applications of science, together with the team of presenters of Vedecký podcast SAV. In the latest episode of this podcast (in Slovak) you can listen to our colleague Dušana Dokupilová from the Institute for Forecasting, and Jakub Šrol from the Institute of Experimental Psychology.

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