On June 12. - 14. 2023, the employees of CSPV SAV, v.v.i., met in Košice for the eighth regular annual working meeting.

Denisa Fedáková started the program of the meeting with a presentation about the Centre's activities, and Anna Kalistová, Peter Halama and Branislav Šprocha gradually presented the activities of the organizational units. Discussions, project and personal meetings followed. In teams and in plenary, we focused on analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the Centre's activities, identifying opportunities and thinking about research and organizational strategy. In the final part of the meeting, we devoted the discussion to the planning of activities related to the upcoming celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the SAS founding and the "weekend with SAS" (June 23. - 24. 2023 in Bratislava), at which the Centre will be represented by all three of its organizational units.

Informal meetings and a joint trip also contributed to the pleasant atmosphere.

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