Senior researcher at the Institute for Forecasting CSPS SAS in Bratislava

Institute for Forecasting is opening a position for a scientific research activity in the fields of forecasting, co-evolution of institutional and technological change, socio-economic dimensions of global environmental change, labour markets or other relevant areas.

Institute for Forecasting is one of the three institutes which created the CSPS SAS in 2015 through a merger of three research institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.  Institute for Forecasting continues to grow dynamically in the past years, with an expanding and solidifying network of national and international research partners, and other stakeholders.

Centre of Social and Psychological Science is one of the largest and best-performing social science research institutions in Slovakia.

Conditions for acceptance:

-          A doctoral degree (PhD.) or equivalent, in the field of economics, econometrics, or mathematics/statistics or another related field.

-          Ability to independently conduct research, including quantitative econometric/statistical analyses applied to economic and social sciences.

-          Ability to publish results of academic work internationally, proven by a list of publications.

-          Ability to publish and present scientific findings in English.

-          Following criteria are an advantage, but not a requirement:

o   Willingness to participate in projects implemented at the Institute for Forecasting.

o   Higher qualification level (e.g. senior researcher/IIA, associate professor level).

o   Previous experience with international grant schemes.

 What we offer:

-          Creative work in a stimulating academic environment of the Institute for Forecasting and of the Centre of Social and Psychological Sciences;

-          Flexible working time;

-          Opportunity for professional growth;

-          Opportunity to apply to publicly funded grant schemes, such as VEGA or APVV;

-          Support in fundraising and in implementing EU-funded and international grant schemes;

-          Opportunity to supervise PhD students (after meeting the qualification criteria);

-          Opportunity to collaborate on the internalisation and development of the organisation.


Salary levels are governed by a regulated scale of salary tariffs for university teachers and researchers, which is Annex no. 1 to Government Regulation No. 388/2018 Coll. They depend on the level of qualification achieved and the length of previous research experience. Depending on the quality of publication and academic activity and the current financial possibilities of the Institute, performance bonuses are also paid to employees.

You may send an application via the portal by January 12th 2023 or via email to the address:

The list of documents sent in by the applicant must contain at least:

i)     CV in Europass format;

ii)    Documents proving acquired level of education and academic titles;

iii)   Documents proving previous experience in scientific research;

iv)   Documents about scientific work, including the list of publications;

v)   Writing sample – academic article (or part thereof) written by the applicant in English (if not already part of an existing publication record).

Applicants who satisfy the afore mentioned conditions will be invited for an oral interview in person.

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